APISQUEEN U2 MINI 1.3Kg Underwaterthruster Thruster 16V 130W

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Model: U2 mini
Voltage: 12-16V (3-4S LiPo)
Max. current: 8A
Maximum power: 130W
Size: 95.8*77mm
Cable length: >900mm
Weight: 210g

Wire diameter: 7mm


APISQUEEN U2 mini Underwater Propulsion 3 D Drawing Download


1: U2 mini brushless underwater thruster one piece open mold, using composite materials, anti-corrosion and anti-oxidation, can be used in seawater environment.
2: U2 mini low power consumption, high efficiency.
3: U2 mini front and rear protective ribs, which can effectively block the entry of foreign objects.
4: the use of motor 500KV, high speed.
5: support up to 16V (4S LiPo).

How can I use a Raspberry Pi 4B to send a PWM signal to an ESC to control an underwater thruster?

Example code:
import pigpio
import time

pi = pigpio.pi() #create pigpio object
LED_PIN = 18 # Define the GPIO port to which the LED is connected.
PWM_FREQUENCY = 50 #define the PWM frequency in Hz
PWM_range = 1000
PWM_DUTYCYCLE = 0 # Define PWM duty cycle, value range 0 (2) 55,
pi.set_mode(LED_PIN, pigpio.OUTPUT) #Set the GPIO port to output mode
pi.set_PWM_frequency(LED_PIN, PWM_FREQUENCY) #set PWM frequency
pi.set_PWM_range(LED_PIN, PWM_range) # set range 1000

pi.set_PWM_dutycycle(LED_PIN, 75) # set PWM duty cycle 75/1000=7.5 per cent
time.sleep(3) # delay 3s unlock successful

pi.set_PWM_dutycycle(LED_PIN, 100)
# Positive rotation 7.5%-10% duty cycle, the larger the duty cycle, the faster the positive rotation speed

pi.set_PWM_dutycycle(LED_PIN, 60)
# Reverse The closer the duty cycle is to 5%, the faster the reversal speed is

pi.set_PWM_dutycycle(LED_PIN, 75)
# Duty cycle


Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Very good unterwater Thruster!

I am a Swiss High-Scool Student and as my final project, i built a ROV. For this Purpose I ordered 4 of the U2 Mini Thrusters and they worked Very well and have a lot of Thrust. (Even too much for me, i had to power them with a lower pwm Signal than the Maximum)

Also the Quality of the Product seems very good and I'm Happy with the Product (Despite they where quite expensive for my Budget.)

First I didn't know whether I could thrust the website of Apisqueen, so after a short Chat with Apisqueen, I ordered the Thrusters on Aliexpress where I have some Inscurances and a Money Back Guarantee. But If I had to buy a second time, I would buy them directly from the Apisqueen website.