APISQUEEN waterproof control box with one/two built-in 100A 24V/12V ESCs

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This part is the control part, which mainly consists of positive and negative power cables, sealing box and ESC;

12-24V built-in one 100A ESC:Suitable for 12V or 24V power supplies/batteries

The white box has 1 SEC inside to control 1 motor/propeller. Works with A5 remote control, forward only.

12-24V built-in two 100A ESCSuitable for 12V or 24V power supplies/batteries

Inside the white box are 2 SECs that control two motors/thrusters. Use with A300 remote control for forward, backward, left and right turns.

A300 remote control :can control 2 motors at the same time
A5 remote control :can only control 1 motor

Remote control is not included, if you need remote control, please buy remote control separately.

USB Adjustment Board

Software download link (click on the link to download): https://cdn.shopifycdn.net/s/files/1/0621/5493/2452/files/ApisQueen_tool.zip?v=1677690776

If you can't find the com port, you need to download and install Ch340 or Ch341 driver. Connect the computer and ESC signal cable with Usb, click Tools, select com port, click Connect, then power on the ESC, confirm the connection is successful, then Readpara to read the parameters, then modify the corresponding parameters, then click writepara to write and save.

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Luis Alexandre Marchante

Exacly wath i expect