The right hand for underwater exploration: APISQUEEN's high-resolution temperature measurement microcamera

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When exploring the use of thermal imaging in underwater applications, we can't fail to mention an exciting product: the APISQUEEN resolution 640*512 LWIR 12um temperature measurement miniature thermal imaging camera. Designed specifically for FPV/UAV/ROV applications, this camera provides high resolution and accurate temperature measurement capabilities for underwater exploration and monitoring.

The 640*512 resolution of the APISQUEEN camera ensures clear and detailed images, enabling you to capture subtle features and temperature changes of underwater objects. Long-wave infrared 12um technology penetrates turbid water and low visibility environments to provide more accurate temperature measurements.
Whether for marine scientific research, underwater archaeology, environmental monitoring or safe navigation, the APISQUEEN micro thermal imaging camera is an indispensable tool. Its compact size and portability allow it to be easily integrated into a wide range of underwater equipment, providing reliable support for your underwater missions.
If you are interested in innovative technologies in the field of FPV/UAV/ROV, look no further than the APISQUEEN resolution 640*512 LWIR 12um thermal microcamera. It will bring new perspectives and deeper insights to your underwater exploration.

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