U2 12V-16V 300W 3.4Kg Brushless Thrust Underwater Thruster/Propeller/propulsion With Bi-directional control ESC For ROV and Boat

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 We are the source factory, for bulk purchase / customization please contact us at lynn@underwaterthruster.com.

Color: black
Voltage: 12V-16V
One Thruster Current: 10-20A
KV: 500KV
One Thruster Max Power: 300W

One Thruster Continuous power:150W

Total thrust Max thrust: 3.4Kg

BLACK SET:Black Thruster*2、ESC*2、Remote control *1, remote control receiver *1, waterproof box *1, mounting base *2

 Upgraded again: the product showcase image is the latest upgraded version.

The ESC is specially developed for underwater thrusters and has the following features:

1. The proprietary firmware of ApisQueen thrusters is specially designed to improve the superior performance of the thrusters. The motor PWM generated by the hardware can improve the smooth throttle response and reduce the noise.
2. ApisQueen's exclusive firmware will generate regenerative braking, making it more efficient. When the throttle changes from large to small, the thruster decelerates and responds more quickly, and the stability and flexibility of the thruster are significantly enhanced.
3. The ESC automatically detects the throttle signal when it is powered on, and supports 1-2ms pulse width input, Oneshot and Multishot in normal PWM throttle mode.
4. Support Dshot150, Dshot300 and Dshot600. Dshot is a digital signal with strong anti-interference ability, and the ESC does not need to calibrate the throttle stroke.
5. The signal wire is a twisted pair of silicone wires, which increases its service life and effectively reduces the interference caused by the signal transmission in the copper wire, making the thruster more stable.


PWM full name is (Pulse-width modulation). It is also called duty cycle signal, which indicates the proportion of the high level duration to the whole signal period. 2ms for the whole period of PWM, 1.5ms stop, 1.5-2ms forward, 1.5-1ms reverse.

From the diagram, we can clearly see that when PWM is 75% (1.5ms), the motor stops rotating, when PWM is 50% (1ms), the motor rotates in reverse, and when PWM is 100% (2ms) the motor rotates in forward.Of course ESC will not only make the motor turn forward and reverse, but can adjust the speed of motor rotation by the duty cycle size of PWM. When the PWM is gradually changed from 75% to 50%, the motor will keep reversing and accelerating from stop until the reverse rotation reaches the maximum. And when PWM is gradually changed from 75% to 100%, the motor is continuously accelerated from stop to forward until the forward rotation reaches the maximum value. That is, PWM is a signal that can be continuously varied, and the effective range is from 50% to 100%.

The frequency of PWM signal is 50hz, 100hz, 200hz or 500hz, etc. The higher the control frequency, the shorter the period, the shorter the control interval, and the faster the ESC and motor response speed The faster the ESC and motor response. Conversely, the lower the control frequency, the longer the period, the longer the control interval, and the slower the ESC and motor response.

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Great Product!

Incredible how well this thruster is built. The integrated ESC is perfect and makes it truly plug and play. Will buy again.