Our official website: www.apisqueen.net

Committed to being the leader in underwater/on water power equipment.

Founded in 2016, APISQUEEN is a technology-based company specialising in the research, development and production of underwater equipment ancillary products, with the development and sale of underwater thrusters, underwater servos, AUV power sections and other products and related services as its main business. Our mission is to use perfectionist craftsmanship to create first-class underwater equipment ancillary products for user experience and to provide optimal solutions for the underwater equipment industry.

We feel very fortunate and proud. Because we have met some of the best people in the underwater/water field around the world today, some of them are experts, some are professional enthusiasts, they have guided, advised and helped APISQUEEN to constantly improve and update our products, making them better and better, making us even more determined to perfectionist craftsmanship, to take the boundaries of technology as our own boundaries, and to pursue a better user experience We work tirelessly.

In the future, we will continue to move forward without forgetting our original intention. To give you the most assured products and services!