APISQUEEN 12-24V (3-6S LiPo) 20A/45A bi-directional ESC to control brushless motors/propellers in forward or reverse rotation

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● Bi-directional control for forward and reverse operation of the thruster/motor;
● Waterproof rating IPX6, splash-proof or can be used after short-term soaking in water;
● Support OneShot 125;
● Using powerful, high-performance MCU;
● Smaller size and lighter weight design;
● Firmware optimised specifically for underwater thrusters for excellent compatibility;
● Programmes specifically for thrusters, with fast response to throttle adjustments during use;
Firmware is adaptive and extremely easy to use, while maintaining stability and battery life;
● Maximum support for throttle signals with refresh rates up to 500Hz (Note: Throttle signals >=500Hz are non-standard);
Special note: Voltage support up to 6s (25.2V).

PWM signal control, 1-2ms.
1.5ms-2ms forward;
1.5ms-1ms backward;
1.5ms initial zero throttle, if you use microcontroller control, you need to first self-test at 1.5ms after power on, after self-test passed, you can control the thruster forward and backward.

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Nicholas Wilmshurst
Great ESC for very good price.

:) !