1W/2W/3W LED Driver 350mA/700mA PWM Dimming Input 5-35V DC Constant Current Module

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Item Parameter
Limit Input Voltage 7-30V
Recommended Voltage 12/24V
Input Filtering Capacitor
Output Voltage Range 1.2-28V
PWM signal limit frequency 20-20000HZ
Output Current Accuracy ±2%
Temperature Coefficient ±0.015%
Full load power 96W
Output short circuit protection Continuous
Output Current 700mA
Module Size 26*15mm



IN+ Positive terminal of power supply IN- Negative terminal of power supply
LED+ Connects to the anode of the LED LED- Connects to the cathode of the LED
PWM Dimming control signal (2.8V-6V on)
Note: The signal must be connected to a common ground reference, otherwise the signal is unstable

For a certain frequency of PWM dimming, the output current of the driver has a certain relationship with the duty cycle of the PWM signal, the calculation method refers to this formula:
Where, lo_set for the desired output current value (mA), D for the PWM signal duty cycle (%), T for the period of the PWM signal (S), lo_norm for the rated output of the driver (mA).
The above formula is for reference only, the output current may deviate because of the different loads, the PWM signal can not be less than 0.7ms on-time limit, otherwise the product can not work properly, if you hear a slight sound from the driver when PWM dimming is a normal phenomenon, because the PWM dimming frequency in the range of human ear hearing.

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