ApisQueen 4092 12V-24V 0-100 rpm brushless motor,80W waterproof and anti-corrosion For ROV and Robots

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1: Waterproof brushless low-speed motor, waterproof to a depth of 100 metres, waterproof to IP68.
2: suitable for freshwater and seawater environments.
3: with mini ESC, bi-directional control, PWM signal control (1.5-2ms forward rotation, 1.5-1ms reverse rotation).
4: Wide range of voltage adaptation.
5: with reduction gear set, when the output power is zero (PWM signal 1.5ms), half-slope parking without backing up.

Illustration of a typical error application case:

While we were communicating with this dear client in an email, we found a problem:
Problem: The customer did not use ESC and connected 2 of the 3 wires in the motor directly with the positive and negative terminals of the power supply (he told us in the email that he did not want to use ESC).
The reason why it doesn't work without ESC and directly connected to the power supply: 4092 is a brushless motor. Brushless motors need to be driven by ESC.

 The video below is a demonstration of a customer using it incorrectly, as well as a demonstration of us using it correctly.


Customer Reviews

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Troy Colglazier
Very unhappy

The motor doesn't operate. Had correspondence with Lynn via email. Asked about return policy. We emailed back and forth, now I can't get any response.

You are using it incorrectly. We can see from the video in your email that you directly connected the motor to the power supply and did not use ESC to control the motor.
Since it is a brushless motor, it needs to be used with ESC.
Please use it correctly.