APISQUEEN GEMINI 3-7S LiPo 100A 2-in-1 ESC ,Controls two motors/thrusters

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Support voltage: 3-7S LiPo
Continuous current: 100A
Weight: 506g
Waterproof rating: IP68

Adopt powerful and high performance MCU;
2-in-1 design for controlling 2 brushless motors;
Firmware optimized specifically for underwater thrusters with excellent compatibility;
Special program for the thruster, rapid response to throttle adjustment during use;
The firmware is adaptive and extremely easy to use, while taking into account stability and battery life;
Supports throttle signals with refresh rate up to 50Hz (Note: Throttle signals >= 500Hz are non-standard);

ESC setup

Software download link (click on the link to download): https://cdn.shopifycdn.net/s/files/1/0621/5493/2452/files/ApisQueen_tool.zip?v=1677690776

If you can't find the com port, you need to download and install Ch340 or Ch341 driver. Connect the computer and ESC signal cable with Usb, click Tools, select com port, click Connect, then power on the ESC, confirm the connection is successful, then Readpara to read the parameters, then modify the corresponding parameters, then click writepara to write and save.

Setting with APISQUEEN Suite

Connect ESC with PC through APISQUEEN USB cable, open APISQUEEN Suite in your computer, select COM port, click “Connect”, power on ESC, you will see green and red light flash there, this means connection is succeed

Click:”Readpara ”, you can read out and modify parameters, after that, you can click : “Writepara” to restore parameters you have selected.

And you can save, red parameter profile under ”File”menu.

A1: Run Mode


This is racing mode, under this mode, motor only can run forward, push throttle above neutral, it runs forward, push throttle under neutral, it brakes.


This is training mode, when the first time to push throttle to backward range, it brakes, not run backward, only when you push back throttle to neutral again, then if you push throttle to backward range, it will run backward.


This mode is mostly used for crawler, when you push throttle from forward range to backward range, it will reverse directly; work the same if you push throttle from backward range to forward range.


This is only one way, no reverse and brake.

A2:Low Voltage Protection

No protect/SLOW-DOWN(Half power)/CUT-OFF(Shutdown)

A3: Battery Type

Please select the right battery type if your battery is not LIPO as default, so that the battery cells can be detected correctly. It supports: LIHV/LIPO/NIMH/LIFE. 

A4:Battery Cells

You can set battery cells manually or set as AUTO to detect battery cells automatically.

When you power on ESC and motor is connected, you will hear beeps” ♪ ….”, this is to tell you how many cells are detected, one cell beeps” ♪ ”, two cells beeps” ♪♪ ” and so on. If battery cells are not detected correctly, please set manually.


You can set the cutoff protection voltage for each cell. If you choose LIHV or LIPO, the voltage value is referring the down line: 2.9, 3, 3.1, 3.2, 3.3, 3.4, 3.5; if you choose LIFE, the voltage value is referring the up line: 2.2, 2.3, 2.4, 2.5, 2.6, 2.7, 2.8; there is no low voltage protection for NIMH battery.

A6: ESC Thermal Protect

You can set the temperature degree to protect your ESC from burning because temperature is too high. Some products may don’t support temperature protection.

A7:  PWM Frequency

Frequency is higher, more smooth for your motor and also will increase ESC temperature, please select the suitable value accordingly.

A8: Min Power

This is to set min power of ESC, when starting motor with a small throttle, the bigger of the value set, the faster of motor speed.


When using sensorless motor, if you want to change motor spin direction, you can exchange any two of the three motor wires, you can also change with this option.

A10: BEC Voltage

This series boat ESCs are fixed with 5.5V as default, not programmable, if you need 7.4V or adjustable, please get confirmation from us before you make order.

A11: SyncRectify

Generally ON is for application requires fast response in stop; OFF is for application requires stop smoothly naturally.

B1: Max Reverse Strength

This is to set backward full speed percentage compared with forward full speed.

B2: MAX Brake Strength
Brake Strength is to set the max brake strength grade.

B3: Brake Rate
This is to control brake response speed, the lower means brake response slower, the higher means the brake response faster.

B4: Brake Frequency
Frequency is set lower, motor with harder brake force; frequency is set higher, motor with more smooth brake force

B5: Motor Rev Rate

   This is to adjust switching rate in reverse, the bigger value, and the faster changed.

B6: Throttle Rate

This is to Control acceleration of throttle, lower means acceleration is slower, higher means acceleration is higher.

B7: Neutral Width

This is to set width of neutral, to that to make a better experience for different racers.


This is to set throttle curve.

B9:Soften Value

This is to soften throttle curve in MODIFY racing, 0 means no softening effect, 7 means strong softening effect.

B10: Timing

   You can set timing manually.


   Set beeps on or off manually. 

Safety Notes

  1. Do not operate for a long time when the battery is under voltage. This will affect the battery life and reduce the efficiency of the ESC.
  2. Do not operate for a long time after the ESC is overheated, otherwise it will easily cause damage to the MOS tube and damage the ESC
  3. Please pay attention to the state of the motor, and do not continue to operate the motor when the motor is stuck by foreign objects, otherwise the service life of the motor and the ESC will be reduced.
  4. Do not usethe ESC in an overvoltage state, otherwise it will damage ESC or affect the service life of the ESC
  5. When connecting the power supply, make sure that no objects are within the propeller rotation range.
  6. Use the ESC when it is not dangerous.
  7. Damaged ESCs (such as broken or damaged due to reversed electrodes or damp) must not be used again. Otherwise it will cause malfunction or fail to achieve the purpose
  8. The ESC can only be powered by a battery, and cannot be powered by a power supply device.

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APISQUEEN GEMINI 3-7S LiPo 100A 2-in-1 ESC ,Controls two motors/thrusters