APISQUEEN TWO MU7 SET, 24V Total Thrust 10Kg(22LBS) with Remote Control for Inflatable Boats/Paddle Boards/Kayaks etc.

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Voltage: 24V
Number of poles: 14 poles
Maximum power: ONE MU7 435W,Two MUT 870W
Material: aluminium alloy shell

Total suite thrust (2 thrusters combined): 10Kg(22LBS)

Maximum total current of the set: 30A

Length of line from thruster to white sealed box:1.5 metres;
Positive and negative cable length:30cm;.

Waterproof grade of remote control: IP67;
Recommended battery: 24V, battery continuous operating current greater than or equal to 30A;
For example, if using 24V 100AH battery, it can be used continuously for about 4 hours under maximum throttle.

MU7/MU7 Pro 3D image download

About remote control:

(1) The remote control is not waterproof;
(2) All the operation settings of the remote control have been completed, directly turn on the switch and toggle the rocker to use it.

Selling points:
1: Full metal body, not afraid of cuts;
2: Anti-corrosion, anti-oxidation, can be applied to fresh water, seawater and other environments;
3: With bi-directional ESC, can control the propeller forward and reverse at the same time;
4: ESC waterproof grade IP68, can be directly soaked in water, rapid heat dissipation, to maintain continuous and efficient operation of the thruster;
5: The material of the perishable parts propeller is high-strength plastic, the maintenance and replacement cost is greatly reduced;
6: The wire is made of silicone wire, anti-corrosion and anti-oxidation, and can withstand high temperature of 200℃;

ESC is completely waterproof and is fully immersed in water when in use, which dissipates heat quickly and keeps the thrusters working for long periods of time.


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