Do you know all 6 types of SUP?

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●All-round SUP
hydrostatic/cruising SUP
Speed SUP
Fishing SUP
Yogi SUP
Surf SUP
White water SUP

1.All round
The all-around board is the most popular and versatile type of SUP, primarily cruising on lakes or calm ocean bays. The all-round paddle board is very stable and suitable for beginners and children. Depending on the size and shape, they can sometimes be used for yoga, fishing, and even some small waves.
The all-rounder is usually about 10'-12'6'' long, 30''-34'' wide, with a round head.

2. Flatwater/cruising board

These boards are designed for long-distance paddling and are generally longer and more stable than all-around boards, the longer length makes paddling easier for these types of paddleboards, ideal for multi-day paddleboards, long trips.

The extra bulk and faster glide speed make the cruise board ideal for overweight people. The board is wide and has a large volume and displacement, which can allow the board to carry more essential items for long-distance travel, such as drinking water, food, clothing, etc.

Travel boards are usually 11'-14' long and 28''-32'' wide. Very useful for beginners due to the width, float and stability of these boards.

3. Racing board racing

Compared to all-around boards, racing boards are generally longer, narrower and have a pointy nose, and some have displacement hulls to cut water more efficiently, making for a faster ride.

Since the racing boards are narrow, they are not very stable, but they glide through the water better than other paddle boards.

Paddleboard races are divided into two categories: short races 12'6'' in length and under, long races 14' in length, average width: 24''-27'' wide

4. Fishing board

Fishing boards are specifically designed for fishing, so stability is the most needed thing, so they tend to be wide boards, so there is always a trade-off between width and speed.

Professional fishing boards have a large space for fishing gear, and should also be equipped with fishing gear accessories and fixtures. A typical fishing paddle is 11'-12' long and 32''-34'' wide.

5. Yoga board

Any paddle board with a large and stable surface can be used for yoga, but some boards are specifically designed for yoga. Wide and stable, the yoga board is also great for families, ideal for cruising, bringing along with kids or pets.

A typical yoga paddle is 10'6 wide by 33' wide with a rounded tip.

6. Surf paddle board surf

Surf paddle boards come in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit a rider's ability and weight. The smaller the board, the more flexible the surf, but also the less stable it is, making it harder for beginners. To make it easier to catch waves, many experienced surfers start paddleboarding, especially when the waves are small and weak and difficult to catch with a surfboard. By standing on the board, you also get a better idea of ​​the impending break point so you can choose the best wave.

A typical surf paddle board has an average length of 7'-10'5' and an average width of 27''-32''.

7. white water board

White water boards are short, wide boards, and the best white water boards should combine durability and flexibility. This is a very dangerous sport that requires paddle board experience and professional safety equipment.

These boards are wide enough to double as yoga paddle boards and generally need to be very stable to ride white water, while also being responsive enough to avoid rocks and reefs.

The average length of a typical white water board is less than 10' and the average width is 30''-35''.

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