Waterproof DC brushless servo motor

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Waterproof Brushless Servo Motor is a motor designed to work in wet or underwater environments. These motors offer the efficiency, precision and programmability of brushless servo motors while being waterproof and moisture-proof to suit a variety of applications requiring water tightness.

APISQUEEN mainly develops water and underwater equipment, and many customers have demands for waterproof servo motors. Under these needs, APISQUEEN has customized and developed waterproof servo motors for many customers, of which M400 is one of many cases.

Features and application fields of waterproof brushless servo motor:

Waterproof Design: The motor has a special seal and housing design to protect the internal electronic components from moisture, humidity or liquids. Can work in underwater environments, including underwater robots, underwater drones, underwater camera equipment, etc.

High-precision control: Waterproof brushless servo motors have high-precision motion and position control capabilities similar to standard brushless servo motors, so they are suitable for tasks that require precise control in underwater environments.

High Efficiency: The high efficiency of brushless motors is also useful in underwater environments as they are able to provide efficient performance with low power consumption.

Aerospace and Marine Research: Waterproof brushless servo motors are widely used in the aerospace field and deep sea research. They can be used to control the power of spacecraft, operate underwater equipment, control unmanned submersibles, etc.

Industrial Automation: Certain industrial automation applications require motors to operate in humid or humid environments, such as food processing, chemical industries, etc.

Please note that when selecting a waterproof brushless servo motor, you need to ensure that it meets specific waterproofing standards and requirements to meet the environmental conditions of your specific application. Different waterproofing levels provide varying degrees of protection, from splash protection to full underwater operation. When selecting a motor, you also need to consider the motor's power, size, and control requirements to ensure it is suitable for your application.

APISQUEEN can develop customized servo motors with a waterproof depth of less than 3,000 meters.

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