Why can't a brushless motor/brushless thruster be connected directly to the power supply?

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I. The difference between brushless motor and brushed motor
The difference between a brushless motor and a brushed motor lies in the magnets on the rotor and the ESC control method. Brushless motors have three windings installed on the stator, called "U-phase", "V-phase", "W-phase", and the rotor consists of a number of permanent magnets composed of magnetic poles, which enables the motor to carry out forward and reverse rotation. Reverse rotation.
Ⅱ.the role of the controller
A brushless motor/brushless thruster requires an external controller (ESC) to control the forward and reverse rotation and speed of the motor/thruster. The controller (ESC) can make the motor/thruster rotate accurately to a specific angle by controlling the current in the three windings in both normal and reverse directions, thus realizing efficient rotation and ensuring the stability and life of the motor/thruster.
Ⅲ. the danger of directly connecting to the power supply
If the brushless motor/thruster is directly connected to the power supply without control by the controller (ESC), the motor/thruster will be out of control, the current will fluctuate constantly and precise control cannot be realized, resulting in the motor/thruster failing to work normally. At the same time, this operation will also bring the risk of damage to the motor/thruster, which may damage the motor/thruster or other related electronic devices.

IV. Conclusion
Therefore, the brushless motor/thruster cannot be connected directly to the power supply. The phase sequence is controlled by the controller (ESC) in order to ensure the motor/propeller operates properly and can make the motor/propeller work more efficiently. If you need to use a brushless motor, please make sure to pay attention to the correct operation method to ensure the normal use and long life of the motor.


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